Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Childish Gambino - Fire Fly


The long awaited 'Camp' from, jack of all trades, Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino ), will be released November 15th. In a word, it is superior. His intelligent lyricism, poignancy, and pure honestly allow him to shine high above the majority of rappers currently in the game.  A plethora of comparisons can be made; from the soulful singing to that of  Drake, to the witty word play of Lupe, to the club style instrumentals of Kanye.  The album contains 12 songs that are as diverse in topic as they are in melody.  An absolute stand out is 'Fire Fly'.

Fire Fly comes down fast and strong, like a drunk girl falling down stairs, it will leave you draw-dropped wanting more. Beginning with a melodic crescendoed riff and a steady, progressive, synth the song encapsulates you with a 90s-esque beat. The intro has Childish spiting a verse and chorus addressing the the rise of his fame. " I'm so broke man/scholarship apology / facebook message from college kids who hollerin / Girls like we love you/we go to LSU/you gotta do a show/so we can come and molest you" The track continues on the subject of Childish in the blossoming, freshman, years as a young rapper. Albeit, his career is still in the developing stages, it is obvious that its end result will be fruitful.