Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beast of the weeK : Michael Merlot - People Talk

 ...How life is a bitch, but death does all the flirtin...

Influenced at an early age, Michael Merlot has always had a passion for hip-hop, that and basketball. Recently dropped his very first song; "directed at people in the city...people talking, people whispering, that whole concept."

Currently he is a janitor at WPHS.

I just landed on this planet
god damn it,
they can't stand it

Cause after two seconds they want a nigger to vanish
Cause offer two free-styles they already compare us
They embarrassed
But they know 
the flow 
is bananas 

Imaginary Players,
With imaginary hoes 
With money they ain't got
With cars they ain't drove
 Guns they ain't popped,
And drugs they ain't sold
I'm about to be the king of the shit
 you ain't know? 

 Being doin' this shit 10 years
dam, you ain't blow? 
Thought you were as nice as me,
 but now you ain't sho?

It's funny how the rap game can be so uncertain
How life is a bitch, but death does all the flirtin'
One minute you on stage
next its closed curtain,
You thought you had a style,
but now it ain't workin' 

I love it when niggas just feel worthless
 Dropped a little cyph
 and got my whole city nervous
You actin' like bitches
Niggas tuck your skirts in
 I'm barley scratching the surface
 Barley got a spot,
Niggas they wanna take mine 
Michael Merlot, 
but they whine through the grape vine 

How ironic, 
Every line platonic,
that means they cant fuck with me
but they stuck with me
expecting that shit to still hurt
I don't respect shit 
unless it direct like Spielberg 

this is that college shit 
that marijuana scholarship 
that move a ounce outta your dorm room to get your dollars quick
who the fuck you want a problem wit
I'm the new king
kiss the ring and acknowledge it.