Monday, July 30, 2012

Beast of the weeK : Last Emperor - Do you Remember?

Do you remember Last Emperor? Probably not.

Simultaneously to Eminem, Last Emperor was inducted in to the Dr Dre. family in Early 2000, thus being completely overshadowed and slept on. Albeit completely distinctive styles from his counter part, Marshal Mathers, Last Emperor posses an equal comprehension of lyricism. Reflecting on his youth in, Do You Remember,  we are regaled with fond memories of; star gazing, the struggle of childhood, and BMXing. Accompanied by an euphonious melody produced by guitar, Do You Remember transports you days of simplicity.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hip-Hop Hump Day : Childish Gambino - Wonderful

"..Nah baby, you're way too hood for me..." a quotation from a lights turned on, a release prior of gambino, epitomizes the album Royalty.  Gambino strays away from his original, heart-felt, song writing and progresses and develops a unique style. Albeit a tad 'street', it encompasses his skills in production and writing completely.  Uncommonly, Wonderful is not produced by Donald Glover, rather Boi-1da,  yet is still fantastic. Furthermore, the song features Josh Osho enlisting his vocal talents, allows  the song to be remincient of a Kanye West, John Legend collaboration. Despite the majority of the album embodying Gambino's new style, a minute collection of songs maintain his original roots; Wonderful being one of them.
The hook " .. I never dreamed it would get this far, my heart keeps asking, how did it get so wonderful.." encompasses Donald's career exceptionally.
Royalty is a far cry from Child Gambino's earlier work; Cal-de-sac, EP, and  camp  however, its wonderful to see how Donald Glover finally find his own unique style and flow.