Monday, May 28, 2012

Chillax Trax : XXYYXX - Eclipse ( Feat Ruddyp )


The most common initial exposure to XXYXX is achieved through, their disturbingly sexy video for About You

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beast of the weeK : WAEK - For You (Feat. Madeon)

Uhhh, Yeah

Uncertainty ensues when listening to WAEKs - For you, for ambiguity lies in who has a bigger influence; early jazz musicians, which is predominant in the outro free-verse riff, or Chris Brown because it beats so hard. The most shocking surprise with today's feature is not that exceptional skill or neck-breaking bass rather the fact that an artist was able to manipulate a Madeon track into something superior.

Escalating in a crescendos of claps and pitch shifting synths for you instantly hooks the listener, much like Chris Brown did Rihanna. Pummelling the listener in submission with an addition of toms and light-airy reverbed vocals WAEK is an utter success. But I digress.

In the last 2 years WAEK has released, approximately, 10 songs. Why such a great absence with even greater skill is unannounced, however they are definitely an artist to keep a watch out.