Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mash-Up Monday : Magic Club President - Rolling in the Gaudy side of town ( Adele vs Gayngs )

Mellow-Mash makes me something something...

As of late, Adele has become the 'Chuck Norris Jokes' of the music world; over-exposed, over-played, and over-mixed to the point where her talent has lost all credibility. She has become the new Kid Cudi, in which she is so popular that no matter what you mix it with people will enjoy it. Magic Club President has completely restored Adele's exceptional skill by mashing it with up-and-comer artist - Gayngs.  Unleashing a song that is both simultaneously mellow and powerful.

I was not able to find out a lot of information on  wonder-mash-kid Magic Club President. However, his talent is evident when he combines Adele's enchanting vocals from 'Rolling in the Deep to compliment the low-fi saxophones and heavy reverb of Gayngs - Gaudy Side of Town. This powerful combination results in a song evoking imagery of passionate kisses in the rain, beautiful-bitterness, and remorseful love.

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