Monday, April 4, 2011

Mash-Up Monday : D(J+F) - Whooomp There Are Memories ( David Guetta vs Tag Team )

These 3 letters mean you are getting busy...
  Whoomp! (There are Memories) (Tag Team vs David Guetta) by D(J+F)
 Dan's mash-up pseudonym is D(j+f), and this Princeton boy certainly knows how to blend songs from different genres. He combines Guetta's club anthem with one of the all time best 90s anthems...Tag Team - Whoop There it is. D(j+f) creates something little poppy, something a little laid back, and something that puts you in the mood for loud repetitive music that hasn't changed in a decade
Dan certainly posses a lot of talent, which is evident in every mash he makes. Be sure to check his sound cloud and give him the views and attention he so rightfully deserves.

Now let me hear you say...

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