Friday, June 10, 2011

Funk Friday : Sweaters - What You Need (ft. Sunni Colon & Lisa Dank)

Dance Floor Love
Sweaters - What You Need (ft. Sunni Cololon & Lisa Dank) by Drugs and Mirrors
Eyes meet amongst the lights, synthetic fog, and sweaty bodies. She smirks, and glances down, an approach is made and the game begins. A playful back and forth of intricate flirtation begins...
Bedroom producer Sweaters, has created a unique, disco sound while maintaining tremendous originality. With a subtle hint and influence of breakbot, noticed in the piano progression, and light airy high-hats, immediate addiction takes place. There is perfect interplay of  with the vocals of Sunni and Lisa that creates a perfect, blissful romance reminiscent of dance-floor love.

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