Monday, July 25, 2011

Artist of the Month : Clams Casino
An apologetic preface is made by the Drugs and Mirrors team, for our inability to obtain an interview with Clams Casino. We understand that artists of this caliber, are highly busy and unable to attained all meetings.

Clams Casino, also known as Mike Volpe, is a mid 20's producer whom, creates dark-ambient sound-scapes heavily influenced by a hip-hop background. At age 23, Mike has been involved with some form of beat making, since the age of 6. Which clearly shows Mike embodies the colloquialism of 'practice makes perfect'. Mike has ventured into a purely self-pleasing form of music production, stating "I just do it for a hobby". Clams Casino main integral genre can be defined as Hip-Hop, yet maintains a subtle border-line sound of shoe-gaze, down-tempo, and break-beat. The melodic embrace of Mike's beats are overwhelming, distilling and conjure images of concrete jungles, and places unknown.

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