Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beast of the weeK : Mac Lethal - Happy to be Living

" ...Fixing, all the broken parts and twisted screws, that were once missin' "

Mac Lethal - Happy to be Living by Drugs and Mirrors

  The true defining factors for hip-hop, are; the lyrical content, rhythm, flow and emotional rapport. These embodying terms of hip-hop, tend to get passed over in the genre of rap. However, Mac Lethal, a first-timer at DnM, fully encompasses these specification of hip-hop, in his most recent release 'Happy To Be Living". His emotional prowess, and pure, unadulterated honesty, clearly sparkle as he approaches the half-full cup of life. Indicating the simple pleasures, that we tend to forget; from enjoyment of casual drinking 'Heyo, I am sittin here, sunday morning, I just  woke up but I'm sipping lucky that its crystal clear" to the fruitful bounty of love "I love a  women that can squeeze the sun like it's a lemon".  Accompanied by an melodic instrumental that is as tranquil as Mac Lethals' flow. A simple approach is taken,on the beat, by containing a minimal, reverbed, chord progression, and a true to form hip drum pattern.


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