Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beast of the weeK : Miami Slice - Good News

"Good News Everyone"

Folks, the days are getting longer, the skirts are getting shorter and connotation between wayfarers and originality stays the same. This can only mean one thing: summer. A time of the year where the awkward introvert leaves his battle station to have his farmer tan washed away by the warm sun, the rich and vain spend more time in a tanning booth than outside and my personal favorite, disco filter-synths permeate the air filling it with vibes o' dance.

Fortunately enough we are graced today by the creamy sound of Miami Slice, a former 8-bit producer turned to the light side, and all its funky glory. Fresh of his first EP release Disco Cuts, MS ensures his name on your ipod summer playlist.

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