Monday, April 30, 2012

Beast of the weeK : Active Child - Playing House

It Feels Good

Not since For Emma, Forever Ago has an album so effectively encapsulated pure unbridled emotion, in regards to Active Child; tormented heartache and euphoric joy. A sound created by Pat Grossi, parallels James Blake minimalist dub step, Abel Tesfaye's vocals and Justin Vernon's pure honest lyricism. A highlight of the album "You are all I see, is 'Playing House' which fringes on the darker emotions with an uncertain and ambiguous reflection on past relationships. 
Pat, trained originally as a choir boy has vocals, albeit outstanding on their own, are thickened with a crackling t-pain-esque auto tune. Pat enlists How to dress well a.k.a. Pat Krell to add a brooding self deprecating verse which only amplifies the emotion of anxiety ridden suspicion.

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