Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hip-Hop Hump Day : Childish Gambino - Wonderful

"..Nah baby, you're way too hood for me..." a quotation from a lights turned on, a release prior of gambino, epitomizes the album Royalty.  Gambino strays away from his original, heart-felt, song writing and progresses and develops a unique style. Albeit a tad 'street', it encompasses his skills in production and writing completely.  Uncommonly, Wonderful is not produced by Donald Glover, rather Boi-1da,  yet is still fantastic. Furthermore, the song features Josh Osho enlisting his vocal talents, allows  the song to be remincient of a Kanye West, John Legend collaboration. Despite the majority of the album embodying Gambino's new style, a minute collection of songs maintain his original roots; Wonderful being one of them.
The hook " .. I never dreamed it would get this far, my heart keeps asking, how did it get so wonderful.." encompasses Donald's career exceptionally.
Royalty is a far cry from Child Gambino's earlier work; Cal-de-sac, EP, and  camp  however, its wonderful to see how Donald Glover finally find his own unique style and flow.

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