Sunday, October 31, 2010

Downtime Downtempo #1 : Bonobo - Terrapin

It is the day after Halloween; embarrassing photos are emerging on facebook, recollections of dance floor make-outs inspire facepalms, and the severity of hangovers is comparable to the severity of R. Kelly near a playground. Its moments like this when downtempo can ease the pounding headahce, gut-rot, and vague blurred memories of dancing with an over-sized girl in an undersized costume.

Here is a track from Bonobo's - Animal Magic, who is by far one of the best downtempo artists in the game. The track is titled Terrapin and will soothe any hangover away.

So lay down, put on some headphones, close the blinds and your eyes and be transported into eargasmic bliss.


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