Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brenton Duvall - Hip Hop You Saved Me

Stack that Cheese 


Lupe's release of The Cool was a monumental occasion for Hip-Hop. His distinct and clever word play, untimely flow, and unbridled emotion  breathed fresh life into the ever-decaying game. As for his more recent Lasers, the opposite can be said. I digress. A highlight from The Cool was "Hip Hop Saved My Life", an anthem for those seeking to a better life through means of art. Appealing to anyone, stuck in the slums, or an appreciation for lyricsm and hook, "Hip Hop Saved My Life" was an instant success -- reaching #20 on the billboards.

Brenton Duvall has adjusted Lupes inspirational track and spun it into a flurry of hi-hats and inescapable, indiscernible vocals, in the most positive correlation possible.  Before erupting in a cataclysm, of skewed and augmented Sarah Green vocals, Brenton Duvall fabricates an uplifting intro. Empowering the body, similarly to the Lupe's original.

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