Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chillax Trax : Ebo - Come Back

Inebriated Fortune

Ensuing a night of inebriation, intoxication, and overall inhalation, I stirred from what can only be described as a alcohol induced coma, to find a foreign album on my desktop. The means in which I acquired are unknown, the result brilliance.  In order to understand my unexpected fortune, I googled the artist only to find a bandcamp and self description
Life Love Beats Volume I is EBO’s 1st instrumental album. The 18-track album consists of hip-hop, jazz, soul, and funky beats. The album is accumulation of beats that EBO has worked on for the past 4 years. It’s a mix of soulful hip-hop, crossing over to synthesizer driven space funk, and inspired by the everyday struggles as an individual trying to make it. The activity of this piece of music is to imagine things that are not possible and take you through feelings of the past, present, and future. The production style mostly consists of live instrumentation over chopped and filtered samples with crisp, raw, and organic sounding drums and breaks. "

After hearing the album in its entirety, there is only one conclusion; I should drink more frequent.


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