Thursday, February 10, 2011

Artist of the Month : Star Slinger

In the words of Mr. Ice Cube "Today was a good day", reasoning being, I have found my new addiction. His name is Star Slinger and he is a UK based bedroom producer by the name of Darren Williams.

Darren, manages to mix 90's Hip-Hop beats with old soul, funk, RnB samples that even the most obscure hipster would not be aware of. With the subtle glitch overlays or, a simple disco riff, Star Slinger manages to create tracks with instantaneous inducing head-nodding. He has also been reveled for his amazing remixs that range from Broken Social Scene, to Deerhunter to The Go! Team.

Killer Remix - Love the gun breakdown to gun shots
Broken Social Scene - Texico Bitches (Star Slinger Remix)

Something a little more mellow
Star Slinger - May I Walk With You?

The panning production on this is unbelievable...
Star Slinger - Copulate

Something that would make Berry White blush...If you put this on and don't get laid, I'd grab a jacket because hell froze over.
Star Slinger - Do It Myself (NSFW)

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