Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chillax Trax : Blackbird Black Bird - Float On ( Modest Mouse Cover )

Bay Area Bliss

Blackbird Blackbird - Float On (Modest Mouse cover)

The Bay Area is frequently synonymous with rainbows, codeine, and earthquakes. However, that is subject to change with the arrival of up and comer chill wave producer Mikey Sanders whose artistic pseudonym is 'Blackbird Blackbird'. He is definitely a contender against Lupe's 'The Show Goes On' for best Modest Mouse - Float on re-edit.  Blackbird Blackbird's heavy use of reverb, panning and trip-hop breaks-beats manifest a blissful soundscape.The only complaint I have with Mikey S' rendition is the longevity of the song is cut all to abrupt.

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