Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beast of the weeK : Brenton Duvall - Phone Rings Goodbye ( Mike Posner + Jon Brion )

Eternally Chill
Brenton Duvall - Phone Rings Goodbye ( Mike Posner + Jon Brion ) by Drugs and Mirrors

 If someone stated that Jay Electronica and Mike Posner could adequately justify the same beat, large hunks of cinder block would be hurdled in the general direction, only to be preceded by excessive bludgeoning for such erroneous statements. Post-trial and conviction, I would stand morally and musically corrected. Brenton Duvall mashes Mike Posners - Save Your Goodbyes with Jon Brions - Phone Call, in  pure melodic cacophony.  Surprisingly, the inflection and cadence of Posners vocals fit perfectly with the looped guitar of  Phone Call.  In Brenton's remix he; revamps the beat, in a two-step minimalist approach, extends the vocals and adds the slightest dash of reverb.  Despite the heart-ache, break up lyrics, the track develops quite the soothing sensation, a brain smothered in vics vapo-rub.  
Its result, is surprisingly enjoyable.


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