Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hip-Hop Hump Day : Shad - The Calling feat Jermiside & Destruments

"I Caught a Glimpse of Heaven, It's Beautiful as Hell"

  Featuring  Shad, 'The Old Prince', once prior on, Drugs and Mirrors, did not assert the lyrical talent this man posses.  His flow and rhymes are immaculate, and his ability to hit the the beat, which is produced by Danny Diggs, is ineffable. 
Starting with an echoed announcer expressing his pleasure and excitement in introducing the up coming artist, a feeling which entirely mutual, the track begins. Which smoothly progresses into then 2nd verse, where Shad explicitly describes the effect of music through him and onto the crowd, where 'fellas heads bounce, and the ladies hip gyrate / noise projects and reflects, the joy in my face"  Slowly, the hook digs in, embedding its self in your sub-conscious, easing the anxiety of everyday life.

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