Friday, October 14, 2011

Chillax Trax : Apparat - Goodbye

I Won...
Goodbye by apparat

We fear the inevitable, for we are destined to succumb to its permanent ambiguity. Yet with the knowledge of the unknown, many men lead lives of avoidance, which enslaves the mind, body and soul in a state of stagnancy. Where men take no steps, take no chances, only to slumber, burdened with the weight of regret. This, is the folly of man, the true ban of existence. Only once, death is acknowledge and accepted may the first step be taken taken, which inevitably ends in death.
Appart's - Goodbye is the entire embodiment of crossing the threshold.  Accompanied by a lone, sullen piano, and near marching beat, Goodbye definitely is encapsulation of accepting fate, and taking the first and final step. In which a voice from the other side echoes
'Neither ever, nor never / Goodbye / Goodbye' 

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