Friday, May 13, 2011

Beast of the weeK : Tyler the Creator - Goblin

The only thing bigger than Tyler the Creator, Is the Tyler the Creator band-wagon.

"Destruction is a form of beauty" - Donnie Darko. Similarly, something dark and disturbed can also be beautiful, poetic, and poignant. Tyler the Creator, may appeal to the masses based upon the lyrical shock value, but it's indisputable that he is the most honest artist in the industry. Which is evident in the verse below -
 " Nigga fuck a mindset, my brain is an obscenity
I'm fucked in the head, I lost my mind with my virginity...
Like nobody has those really dark thoughts when alone
I'm just a teenager, who admits he's suicide prone
My life is doing pretty good, so that date is postponed for now"

The dark cognitive state of T.t.C is a dilapidate building; boarded windows, vertical burn marks,  shattered glass, and crumbled drywall. The dark cognitive state of T.t.C is a dilapidated building - beautiful.

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