Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hip-Hop Hump Day : Sage Francis - 16 Years

A Modern-Day Tom Waits...

   " Are they all dancing now? Are you joining the party?
Are just celebrating your life just by destroying your body?
It's a part of your psyche that I want to sightsee
I don't need you as a tour guide and I don't want you to like me   "
Utterly and exquisitely emotional words from a lyrical genius. The parallel to Tom Waits, albeit grand and bold, is easily justified, which is clearly definitive in the passage above. Sage Franics flies under the radar of almost everyone, even those whom happen to be hip-hop heads. Without the slightest doubt or inclination he is the most underrated artist, a term he far surpasses, in the music industry. He wears his soul and heart on his sleeve and bares it proudly. Not afraid to show the world who he really is, in the most personally, cognitive, emotional and psychological  way.
The music in the song perfectly the describes the emotional tone of the song, slightly dark and disturbed but hidden by an overlaying facade.


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