Saturday, May 21, 2011

Music for the Rapture : Blue Sky Black Death - Days are Years

The heavens are light ablaze...
The heavens are light ablaze, an orange glow illuminates the foreground of rolling a landscape. Playing like children, an auspicious cloud coverage of light and shadow gallop in the distance. Reminiscent of days on a playground; a sense of delight, comfort and naive-sadness flood, like the warm summer breeze caressing bare legs.  Cascading hills of green and gold verge into a never-ending painting...

This description does not give Blue Sky Black Death's - Days are Years justice, no description can.
A intricate melody of post-rock, IDM (intelligent-dance-music) and hip-hop are transposed and layered amongst in each-other in a cornucopia of beauty.

Bring on the rapture - I have BSBD.


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