Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hip-Hop Hump Day : Shad K - Boom Ha ( feat. Smalltown Romeo )


Shad k - Boom HA by Drugs and Mirrors

Disco? Shad K? Hip-Hop? Tyrannosaurus-Awesome? Hell yes it is...
As soon as the first riff kicks you in chest like a poor family's solution to an unwanted pregnancy, you know that this song is going to be pure gold.  Witty lyrics, intelligent metaphors and clever lines are no stranger to Shad, but disco-pop is. However even with his estranged relationship with disco, he still manages to crush it like a Poindexter's heart as he nervously asks a date to prom. With Small Down Djs, Romeo, bringing an absolute beast of a mix there is no doubt its level infectiousness.   Now "let me see the hands in the room HIGH, high like a witch on a broom, flies by the moon, LIE, tonight. "

P.S. The video is as phenomenal as the song -


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