Monday, September 12, 2011

Ambassadeurs - Rossler

Coitus Causation 

There are a small quantity of aphrodisiacs known, including but not limited to; Oysters, The Notebook and most commonly alcohol. Well maybe the latter isn't an aphrodisiac, but it does make things easier. Add another to the list, for Amassadeurs' 'Rossler' will get her wetter than sitting front row at sea-world and will cause more 'getting jiggy with it' than Will Smith is aware of.  There is something so sexually ineffable about the smooth bass lines and sultry distorted vocals, aligned against a funk-a-rific melody. There is a perfect balance, in 'Rossler' of slow, ariose beauty and cacophonous 8-bit allowing  Ambassadeurs' jam to be the perfect coitus causation.


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