Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beast of the weeK : Logic - Can I Love

 It ain't suppose to make sense. Love. Passion. It is what it is...
Infatuation, heart-ache, and longing are emotions that are not entirely esoteric, these feelings are common ground.  Without the bleak state of heart break, we would never appreciate the butterflies of affection they are the; yin and yang, black and white, opposites yet inseparable. Much like, the lady of love logic raps about in a track titled 'Can I love' off his debut mixtape - Young, Broke and Infamous. Logic reminisces on the times of a prior girl friend, the happiness it brings, the emotions it stirs and the desolate state since their break-up. Quoting him '..and right now I'd love you more than I would like to admit, because we are separated, unto you this song is dedicated, I'm love sick and I need you to medicate it...because all it proves is that we never made it".  The chorus rings with the question 'Can I Love', yet the true question is, can you love again?

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