Friday, September 2, 2011

Funk Friday : Starlesoufs - Love Cloud

You Know How..
Starlesoufs - Love Cloud by Drugs and Mirrors

There are few absolute certainties that exist in life. One being, that idiotic inebriation will indubitably result in shame and remorse. Two, brown eyed females create instantaneous smitten. Thrice, that Starlesouf have stumbled upon the perfect concoction for French inspired Nu-Disco. A recipe that includes a dash of filter, a dollop of funked out bass lines, a pinch of sextastic vocals, and splash of guitar. Voilia! A disco-vibed track that will have dance floor, rump-shaking in no time.
Starlesouf sampled late 70s disco star Phyllis Hyman's "You know how to love me" Which echoes continuously throughout this funk jam. Another certainty, if Starlesouf keep producing songs such as this, you will know how to love them.


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