Monday, September 19, 2011

M83 - New Map

It is easier to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission.

Malice is a difficult feat to overcome. It takes bold character to look past the injustices, and analyze the bigger picture. Furthermore, it is challenging to forgive, even if it's a simple slip of a friends tongue or the sharing of unreleased music by independent journalists. It takes an even stronger person to not sue said journalist.  Luckily there are cures for the sullen spirits and head hanging woes of ill will, such as M83's 'New Map'.  A shoe-gaze anthem that promotes a strong, insatiable desire to close eyes, sway-heads, and tap feet. 
'New Map' seems to maintain M83's originality and homage to 80s synths and sounds yet, like an inter-racial dopple-ganger, has a few underlying resemblances. The last quarter of the song bares a striking kinship to Broken Social Scene, with allegro horns and airy high hats. Regardless, of influential sources, the song is outstanding among his 2 disc album 'HurryUp, We'reDreaming'. It's only true folly is the potential , forgivable,  repercussions of an early release. Which, as experience detects, is both highly positive or extremely embarrassing.   


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